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DC is also working among the urban poor, living in the slums of Delhi. Our Mahila Mandal (Women’s group) and Mahila Panchayat (the grass root legal wing for women) own the programs thus ensuring future sustainability. We also have a vast array of skill training programs enabling the trained girls to be successfully employed outside their homes thus weaning them away from being employed as unskilled workers in the private sectors. The thread of spiritual nurturing flows through every activity and program of Discipleship Centre. We realize that ultimately every effort towards upliftment of the poor is in vain unless the people in whose midst we work experience the joy of salvation.

"DC is a Christian organization working towards transforming and empowering lives of people who are in need, to enable them to achieve maximum potential through Care, Compassion and Concern."

"Be a helping hand to facilitate sustainable and holistic transformation."

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Discipleship Centre

Discipleship Centre (DC) was established in the year 1974. Since then the organization is working towards sustainable development of marginalized communities at a national level.
Over the past DC has responded to most of the disasters / calamities that have occurred in the country through the provision of immediate relief thus providing prompt help to the afflicted.

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