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ChairmanChairman Sh. Jolly Samson Raj is an able and experienced man in his profession and meets the society of people on every day approach. He is closely working with the poor and downtrodden for their upliftment to earn their livelihood. He is very particular to understand the government guidelines while implementing the FCRA regulations.

He is instrumental in developing the society by contributing many to the current matters along with the other Board of Governors.

Even in the darkest of the time, he was a forerunner committed for the societies well being.

We are committed to the upliftment of societies especially the children, caring and providing the atmosphere to develop their God’s given potential.

Executive Director Sh. A. Murugesan is an asset for the Organisation as I know him since many years. Now under His able leadership, we wish he will deliver the things in righteous way.

Sh. Jolly Samson Raj

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Discipleship Centre

Discipleship Centre (DC) was established in the year 1974. Since then the organization is working towards sustainable development of marginalized communities at a national level.
Over the past DC has responded to most of the disasters / calamities that have occurred in the country through the provision of immediate relief thus providing prompt help to the afflicted.

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